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Introducing Spot 02:16
Introducing Spot
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Introducing SpotMini 02:28
Introducing SpotMini
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SpotMini is a new smaller version of the Spot robot, weighing 55 lbs dripping wet (65 lbs if you include its arm.) SpotMini is all-electric (no hydraulics) and runs for about 90 minutes on a charge, depending on what it is doing. SpotMini is one of the quietest robots we have ever built. It has a variety of sensors, including depth cameras, a solid state gyro (IMU) and proprioception sensors in the limbs. These sensors help with navigation and mobile manipulation. SpotMini performs some tasks autonomously, but often uses a human for high-level guidance. For...
Atlas, The Next Generation 02:42
Atlas, The Next Generation
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A new version of Atlas, designed to operate outdoors and inside buildings. It is specialized for mobile manipulation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. It uses sensors in its body and legs to balance and LIDAR and stereo sensors in its head to avoid obstacles, assess the terrain, help with navigation and manipulate objects. This version of Atlas is about 5' 9" tall (about a head shorter than the DRC Atlas) and weighs 180 lbs.
Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot 01:55
Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot
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The robot's lifelike movement catches the attention of a real dog. The uncanny uncanine valley. This is the latest quadruped robot from Google's Boston Dynamics group, and the only one in civilian hands. Another Video: Photos: And I revisited my post on the Google Master Plan, and sure enough, we see Robots → Skynet → Terminator → Google Security → User Happiness
10 Amazing Robots That Really Exist 10:07
10 Amazing Robots That Really Exist
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Top most amazing and coolest ROBOTS The family of robot animals from the German developer of robotics Festo is growing. The company presents many new robots, for example: a swarm of ants that can interact with each other, as well as butterflies and dragonflies, which are characterized by all the ease and grace of these insects. When they were created, the company focused not only on their appearance, but also on behavioral characteristics. The ants coordinate with each other all their actions and movements. Each ant, that is 13-centimeter long, has on its belly a radio module, through which precise coordination...
Honda's Asimo: the penalty-taking, bar-tending robot 03:59
Honda's Asimo: the penalty-taking, bar-tending robot
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Auto Express' Mat Watson meets Honda's robot Asimo in Brussels, where he plays football, dances and serves a drink! Subscribe to our YouTube channel Subscribe to the mag
MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump 01:48
MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump
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In a leap for robotic development, the MIT researchers who built a robotic cheetah have now trained it to see and jump over hurdles as it runs — making this the first four-legged robot to run and jump over obstacles autonomously. (Learn more: Watch the MIT cheetah run outside: Video: Haewon Park, Patrick Wensing and Sangbae Kim
Introducing WildCat 02:09
Introducing WildCat
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WildCat is a four-legged robot being developed to run fast on all types of terrain. So far WildCat has run at about 19 mph on flat terrain using bounding and galloping gaits. The video shows WildCat's best performance so far. WildCat is being developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA's M3 program. For more information about WIldCat visit our website at
What's new, Atlas? 55:00
What's new, Atlas?
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What have you been up to lately, Atlas?
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These videos are the best! What happened to these kids at zoo is soooo hilarious! Watch this and try not to laugh, impossible! Only the best and the funniest kid at zoo fail videos! What is your favorite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! The content in this compilation is licensed and used with authorization of the rights holder. If you have any questions about compilation or clip licensing, please contact us: WANT TO SEE YOUR PET IN OUR COMPILATIONS? Send your clips or links to: For more funny videos &...
BigDog Evolution 01:56
BigDog Evolution
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Three generations of BigDog, including robot pup and recent highlights. 2004-2010.
Top 10 future transportation that will blow your mind 17:39
Top 10 future transportation that will blow your mind
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Plains, trains, and automobiles may have carried us through the 20th century, but these days, they’re old news. The transportation of the future will be more along the lines of magnetic levitation, jetpacks, and zip lines that fit in a backpack—and they could be here sooner than you think
The New SpotMini 25:00
The New SpotMini
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For more information . . . stay tuned.
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😂ANIMALS ARE IDIOTS 9!!!😂 😂ANIMALS ARE IDIOTS!!!😂 This is a compilation of the silliest moments from animals. hope you enjoyed the video I do not own the rights to the source clips or music used in this compilation. All those rights belong to their respective owners. This compilation edit is made by JAZZYKILLZ99 for entertainment purposes only.
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8 Advance Robots Animal You NEED To See 5 Advanced Robots Animal You NEED To See 1.BionicANTs | Festo NO.2- BionicKangaroo | Festo NO.3 - Techject Inc. | The Robot Dragonfly NO.4 - AquaPenguin | Festo NO.5 - BionicOpter | Festo NO.6 - eMotionButterflies | Festo NO.7 - SmartBird | Festo NO.8 - MIT Robotic Cheetah SUBSCRIBE MY FRIEND CHANNEL lemino thousand words More of LEMMiNO: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Google+: ● DeviantART: ● Soundcloud: ● Bandcamp: ● iTunes: ● Spotify: ● Website: FOLLOW TOP 10 INFORMATION Facebook Page:- Google Plus:- Twitter:- SUBSCRIBE:- We Are Promoting some hidden Works From less known People, We Promote Innovation and love For Technology Advancement CONTACT ME ON...
Every time Boston Dynamics has abused a robot 02:35
Every time Boston Dynamics has abused a robot
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I went through every Boston Dynamics video and found every instance where they abused a robot. Made with love. #botALLY Join the Robot Rights community on Facebook: All videos taken from here: They Might Be Giants cover of Chumbawumba's Tubthumper, from here: See more discussion of robot rights here:
5 Amazing Robots 2016 - The Shape of Things to Come - Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, ASIMO 12:22
5 Amazing Robots 2016 - The Shape of Things to Come - Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, ASIMO
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5 Amazing Robots changing the world, these do things now you wont believe - Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, ASIMO Patreon : You can now translate this and other curious droid videos, see my video about it here Atlas humanoid robot 0:08 MIT cheetah robot 2:48 Boston Dynamics Spot robot 4:00 Pepper Robot 6:12 Honda ASIMO robot 8:00 Atlas humanoid robot Meet Atlas, a humanoid robot developed by the American robotics company Boston Dynamics which now owned by Google. It was developed with funding and oversight from the United States - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or (DARPA) Altas stands 1.8m or 6 foot tall, weighs 150Kg and is...
5 Fastest Robots In The World 05:04
5 Fastest Robots In The World
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Robots accomplish tasks too complicated or dangerous for humans. The strength and speed of a robot's movement and problems solving skills are favored for completing jobs faster than humans. Meet some of the fastest robots in the world. Subscribe For More Watch More 5 Unbelievable Human Powered Machines 7 Cool Remote Controlled Toys 5 Gadgets That Will Give You Superpowers 10 Cool Inventions You Can Buy On Amazon 5 Futuristic Toys Every Kid Must Have GOLD BOX DEALS (AMAZON) Featured Sub1 Robot MIT Cheetah Robot Raptor Robot Arm OutRunner Credits Don't Forget To Leave a LIKE, Comment & Subscribe For The latest Technology, Robots And...
Boston Dynamics All Prototypes 20:41
Boston Dynamics All Prototypes
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Boston Dynamics adındaki kuruluşun google desteği ile ürettiği birkaç prototipin ürettiği fonksiyonları görüyoruz. Üstün hareket kabiliyeti ve muazzam denge yetenekleri ile bu prototipler sıradan bir robottan daha fazlası.
BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010) 03:25
BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010)
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BigDog climbs in the woods, keeps its balance when kicked and when slipping on ice, travels through snow and mud, jogs 5 mph, and climbs some rubble.
10 Abnormally Large Animals That Actually Exist 08:39
10 Abnormally Large Animals That Actually Exist
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Top 10 biggest animals in the world you won't believe actually existed Subscribe to TheHub We all love the natural world but let’s be honest, it’s the big boys of the planet that really hold our fascination. No one is going on safari to see a bug or travelling far into the ocean to look for bacteria. Okay, some people are, but they are weird. We love the giants, those huge creatures that make us feel some of that awe and even fear that has been a part of our evolution for millions of years. Here is who we’ll be looking...
LS3 Robotic Pack Mule Field Testing by US Military 02:20
LS3 Robotic Pack Mule Field Testing by US Military
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Lance Cpl. Dieckmann leads the Legged Squad Support System (LS3) through an open field at Kahuku Training Area. The LS3 Legged Squad Support System is experimental technology being tested by the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab as part of the Advanced Warfighting Experiment during Rim of the Pacific 2014. Video by Gunnery Sgt. Jeremy Vought | Marine Corps Futures Directorate. Derivative Work | AiirSource AiirSource℠ covers military events and missions from the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Like & share to show your support for the troops! Favorite this video and subscribe to AiirSource for future updates. Subscribe to AiirSource: Add...
10 Amazing Animal Robots You Need To See | Tech TV 10:21
10 Amazing Animal Robots You Need To See | Tech TV
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Top 10 Amazing Animal Robots You Need To See | Tech TV Subscribe: Computer science is combined with electric and mechanical engineering to make robots a reality in the modern world. Robots are automated machines, mostly having artificial intelligence. The robot cockroach Insects have become a popular species to be imitated by robots. The initial step towards robot animals was small creatures like cockroaches and lizards. Almost every movement and feature of a real cockroach can be found in a robot cockroach, including the hard shell and the ability to squeeze practically into any small space. Robot dog Dogs are always friendly, and...
USA Vs Japan Giant Robot Duel - MegaBots VS Kuratas Fight 07:12
USA Vs Japan Giant Robot Duel - MegaBots VS Kuratas Fight
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WORLD'S FIRST GIANT ROBOT DUEL, BETWEEN MEGABOTS, INC (USA) AND SUIDOBASHI HEAVY INDUSTRY (JAPAN)! Giant robots, batllebots and Science fiction fantasies become reality as gigantic robots, piloted by their creators, go head-to-head in this historic battle! Enjoy this battle between Team USA Megabots Vs Team Japan SUIDOBASHI Kuratas Original fight: Suidobashi: Megabots: All ownership over this episode, Megabot, Kuratas belong to the respective owners.
BigDog Beta (High Quality) - early Big Dog quadruped robot testing 01:45
BigDog Beta (High Quality) - early Big Dog quadruped robot testing
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The hilarious, somewhat flawed predecessor to Boston Dynamics' infamous Big Dog Robot. For reference see: Subscribe! FYI, we originally uploaded this to our other channel - it has lots more views there. Created by Seedwell / Pantless Knights Produced by Peter Furia, Beau Lewis, Dana Kruse, and Debbie Glasband. Camera by Dana Kruse.
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Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation.  It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated.  Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain.  Spot weighs about 160 lbs.
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